Tuberculosis Information

Tuberculosis is one of the most common infectious diseases affecting the world at large. Also known as TB (abbreviated form), it is caused by mycobacteria, in other words Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Although lungs are the organs most affected by tuberculosis, the disease can also affect the central nervous system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, genitourinary system, gastrointestinal system, bones, joints and skin of a person. The disease mostly spreads through the air, when the infected people cough, sneeze or spit in front of others. In the following lines, we have listed the causes and symptoms of tuberculosis.

Causes Of Tuberculosis

  •     Excessive alcohol intake
  •     Too much smoking
  •     Mental stress and strain
  •     Unhealthy living style
  •     Low body resistance
  •     Dietetic errors
  •     Living in stuffy rooms
  •     Loss of sleep
  •     Exposure to cold
  •     Coming in contact with cough, sneeze, or spit of an infected person
  •     Breathing infected air
  •     Mycobacterium bovis - bacteria
  •     Weakened immune system
  •     Malnourishment

Symptoms Of Tuberculosis
  •     Loss of strength
  •     Weight loss
  •     Rise in temperature, mostly in the evenings
  •     Difficulty in breathing
  •     Body ache
  •     Indigestion
  •     Pain in the chest
  •     Coughing up blood
  •     Blood in the sputum
  •     Fatigue
  •     Night sweats
  •     Chills
  •     Loss of appetite
  •     Cough, which lasts three or more weeks

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