Home Remedy for Snoring

Snoring is the sound produced, while sleeping, due to the vibration in the respiratory structures. In this situation, the air movement gets obstructed while breathing, resulting in the sound. The throat or pharynx is a muscular tube that relaxes and decreases in size when a person is sleeping. For some people, this narrowing is enough to cause vibration of soft tissues in the pharynx. Some of the causes of snoring include muscle tone of the tongue, blockage of airway, age factor, alcoholic beverages, certain medications and sheer physical exhaustion. While the sound produced while sleeping is the only symptom of snoring, it is, at times, accompanied by heavy breathing as well. Snoring can, however, be treated at home also. Read onto get some natural remedies for curing snoring.

Home Remedy For Snoring
  •     One of the best ways to stop snoring would be to lose weight. This might surprise you, but weight loss reduces and even ends snoring.
  •     Another way to stop snoring would be to lessen, better stop, smoking. It is said that smoking causes increased nasal congestion and mucous in the throat area.
  •     Alcohol causes relaxation in the soft tissues and muscles in the throat, leading to snoring. Reducing the intake of alcohol can lessen, or even stop, snoring.
  •     The ideal posture while sleeping would be on the sides. This would reduce the intensity of sound created while snoring.
  •     Olive oil is said to reduce snoring. Take 2 to 3 sips of it before going to bed. This would lessen the noise and also stop snoring after some time.
  •     Follow a regular sleep routine. Sleep at fixed times and get up at the same time. This is believed to reduce snoring.
  •     In boiling water, place a bunch of sage and let it steep. Allow it to cool. Before going to bed, strain this mixture and gargle with the liquid. This will prove effective in reducing snoring.
  •     Avoid having heavy meals or foods that are too spicy or oily, in dinner. They tend to aggravate the problem of snoring.

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