Spleen Dysfunction

Description: Spleen disorders

Organ or part of body involved: Spleen

Symptoms and indications: Abdominal distention, aching or pain relieved by local warmth and pressure; Lack of appetite and flat taste in the mouth; Abdominal flatulence after meals, aggravated by stress; Abnormal stool such as water, first well-shaped then loose, loose, well-shaped and loose alternatively, or diarrhoea; Chronic hemorrhage or blood in the stool, vomit, mucus or under the skin, not caused by blood heat evils and trauma; Sallow complexion or pale lips; Pale and swollen tongue, or with teeth marks on its margin; Emaciation, or puffy appearance; and Weakness in the arms and legs or muscles.

Causes and risk factors: Mostly it is due to improper diet.

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